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Making progress again

Ken Gipe • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

This has been my best week (April 13 through April 19) since the first month. I am still not eating exactly the way my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance would like, but my portion control, frequency and quantity of food have been much better, and I feel a little more focused after last month’s disaster.

I have been drinking more water, although I flavor it with Propel powder (only use one-half the recommended amount). Planning of the meals is going to continue to be an issue, but I am getting better.

Workouts this week were great. I had two workouts with Trevor and he wrote up a third weight workout that I did over the weekend – it was not quite as much fun without him. I also did three other workouts on my own that were primarily cardio based with some core work.

The new balls I mentioned in last week’s blog are proving to be very useful – some of the exercises are not physically hard, but require concentration on your balance.

Some of the other exercises were difficult, and although they were done using my body weight as resistance, I was sorer after these than the traditional workouts. The Jacob’s Ladder piece of equipment is a little easier, but still tiring. I increased the resistance, elevation and speed on the cardio equipment (treadmill, bicycle and elliptical machine), so I am getting more done in the same amount of time.

I had a number of small successes this week as a result of the workouts from the past two weeks. I lost all of the weight I gained last month, plus a few more pounds (I am now below my lowest weight in two years.)

When I got dressed for Easter church, I put on a pair of loafers that I had not worn in a long time and they actually felt loose. I went down another belt notch and some of my slacks are now feeling too big. I even have been able to easily button my dress shirts to wear a tie. My goal for the next couple of weeks is to close in on the halfway point toward my goal.

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