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MISSING: One boy, last seen holding boot

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

If you are a frequent visitor to downtown Sandusky you may take in the sights of the fall color, the floral mounds, the floral clock and the gazebo.

The large fountain across from the floral clock is most likely the most photographed feature of Washington Park. Not because of the landscaped area or the jets of water or the multicolored lights that change in the evening. It's the Boy with the Boot, Sandusky's symbol.

And he's gone.

When I first noticed he was gone, my reaction was "Somebody stole the Boy with the Boot?" And my second reaction was maybe he was a security risk with John McCain's Straight Talk Express coming through town. So I asked around and here's what happened to him...

The boy was a victim of paintball attack some time last week according to the city manager's office. Instead of repainting him and putting him back up on his usual perch, they are going to strip all his paint and give him a good refurbishing. A timetable hasn't been set for his return, but I will keep you posted. Hopefully he can get back up there for Santa's visit to Washington Park.

Register photo/JASON WERLING The Boy with the Boot statue from Sandusky's Washington Park is in the process of getting stripped and repainted. The statue was vandalized with shots from a paintball gun some time last week according to the city manager's office. There is no time table set for the return of the statue.

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