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It's all about agenda, Bud

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

Sometimes some paragraphs in Register stories just aren't as descriptive or as precise as they might be. Here are a few examples:

Headline: County dispatch study is delayed

Fourth paragraph: (County commissioner Tom) Ferrell, who chairs a committee of officials looking at the possible merger (into a county controlled dispatch center) was not happy about the delay.

A committee? Really? Strikes me the group Tom Ferrell put together to push his dispatch agenda could more aptly be described as "a group of buds," or GOBs. Some people also refer to this group as the Good Old Boys. The closed-door secret GOB meetings on dispatch took place at the Market Street fire station, or the sheriff's office over coffee. The open meetings for the group probably were at Manny's restaurant.

Many have long believed the Democrats hold all the political power locally. But anyone in the know always knew it was the GOB.

Seventh paragraph: Ferrell said the company (doing the study) needed more time to collect data on the number of emergency calls dispatchers receive compared to the number of business calls.

Say what? Seven months wasn't enough time to secure this vital information? C'mon Tom. We might not be members of the GOB, but that doesn't mean we're stupid.

It's all about agenda, Bud. All about agenda.


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