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It's a topsy-turvy world

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Think the Republican selection of Sarah Palin hasn't shaken up the political world?

See if you can guess who wrote this column saying that an ambitious woman politician with family issues ought to stay home and take care of the kids:

"The usual assortment of pundits, mostly male, are tap-dancing around the pregnancy, insisting the real issue is one of candidate vetting, not parental responsibility. That's good for what's left of this poor girl's privacy, but this skittish chit-chat doesn't come close to reflecting the millions of conversations among regular Americans.

"I had not written a word about Palin when I signed onto my computer Monday, but my in-boxes were brimming with e-mail and voice messages from women who were outraged that Palin decided to run for such a high-profile office when she had to know it would bring unbearable scrutiny onto her daughter. If Palin didn't expect this, she's even less experienced than her resume suggests."

Did you guess who's standing up for "regular Americans," the ones who think women politicians should stay home and take care of the kids? It's Connie Schultz, the prominent Plain Dealer columnist and Hillary Clinton supporter. The rest of her column is here; PD columnist Regina Brett's rebuttal is here.

OK, try again. Name the outspoken feminist who can be heard here defending the right of women with families to seek public office:

"How dare they question whether Sarah Palin has enough time to spend with her children and be vice president. How dare they do that. When do they ever ask a man that question? When?"

Give up? It's Rudy Giuliani, the Republican former mayor of New York City and a prominent spokesman for the concerns of working women, at least this week. (Text of his speech before the GOP convention is here.)

It's an interesting week when Rudy Giuliani sounds like a better feminist than Connie Schultz. Do you think it has something to do with Nov. 4 drawing near, and both sides being desperate to win?

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