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I've got the 501 MetroBark blues.

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Kendra Ward from Erie MetroParks recently sent me a press release announcing the 500th dog has been registered at the Erie MetroBark Park on Friday, April 3. Coincidentally, I fully registered our dog Calli on that day as well. I quickly sent an e-mail back to Kendra to find out if I was the lucky winner of nothing for our dog being the 500th. She responded with "Sooooooooooo close, Jason.  You’re #501.  #500 beat you by 1 ½ hours! "

So now I have the 501 blues, but I still won nothing, right?  Here's the press release...


      On April 3, Erie MetroParks staff were pleased to register local dog

#500 for Erie MetroBark Park.  The dog park has become a very popular place

for local dogs and their owners to spend some quality time outdoors.

Executive Director Steve Dice said, "We are very pleased to be able to

provide this much needed public and canine service.  We greatly appreciate

the help of the Friends of Erie MetroParks and others how worked diligently

to make the MetroBark Park a reality."

      The dog park's creation came from area citizens' requests for an

enclosed area exclusively for dogs to run and play in a safe environment,

while not disturbing other park visitors or off-limit areas. This off-leash

dog park was constructed by the Friends of Erie MetroParks, volunteers and

staff.  Materials to build the facility were funded by donations and a


      Owners wishing to let their dogs enjoy the off-leash park must

register their dogs in advance.  Registration is now available online at
www.eriemetroparks.org, by phone at (419) 625-7783 x221 or in person at

Osborn Park's offices.  The registration process consists of completing some

informational forms, providing shot records and a dog license, and paying a

registration fee.  Erie County residents pay $15, while out of county

residents pay $20.  Additional dogs cost $5.  Registrations are good for one

calendar year.

      For more information, contact Erie MetroParks at (419) 621-4220 x22.

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