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High noon for Nueese

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

The official word from the Tuesday afternoon closed-door Sandusky city commission meeting: Commissioners and the public both will receive the $20,000++ Murman report on the Nuesse investigation at noon Wednesday.

We will begin efforts to put the entire document online as soon as we receive it. We also will have copies available in the lobby at the Register building for readers to review. Anyone who wants a take-home copy should call me at 419-609-5866. We'll attempt to fulfill any requests.

The actual cost of the investigation and related issues right now is topping $36,000 including salary, and there are additional invoices coming due from a second law firm hired by the city. The tab for taxpayers, so far, likely tops $40,000. Not sure if that is just the beginning, or the end. Time will tell.

City commissioners are scheduled to meet Thursday in an open session. The public is invited to this one.

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