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Here I am, taking a plunge.

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

I have good news and I have bad news.

The bad news is I won't be blogging for Fandy.com anymore. I realized that I didn't have too much to say about local sports, I think I blogged four or five times over there and I have decided to leave it to the sports guys.

The good news, depending on who you talk to, is I will be blogging here at sanduskyregister.com.

I was asked to give a name to my blog, I picked "Picture This" because duh, I take pictures. Not too original, I know, but the shoe fits. I was also asked if I would be posting photos with my blog. I said, umm, sure, I guess I could do that when I have a photo(s) or video to blog about or would add to my blog.

I'm adding the picture over there to the right of the little duck for three reasons. 1) I wanted to see how a photo would post with my blog. 2) Because everyone seems to like that photo. (My father-in-law has a print of it up in his office)  and 3) I sorta feel like that little duck with starting this blog, I'm jumping into the unknown.

I'll try to keep this updated so if you see me slacking or if you have a photo story idea, shoot me an e-mail at werling@sanduskyregister.com.

Register photo/JASON WERLING The last of twelve ducklings takes the plunge from the Jackson Street Pier to its awaiting mother and siblings in Sandusky Bay.

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