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Getting philosophical in Washington Park.

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:26 PM

Today (Monday) I took photos of the Sandusky Central Catholic School's wellness walk from their schools through downtown Sandusky and down to Shoreline Park.

In the spirit of the event I was covering, I decided to walk from the Register with cameras in tow and was able to get there in plenty of time for a few photos.

On my way back to the Register I said hi to Rick Choquette from the city who has been working on the Boy with the Boot fountain and noticed a funny site across Washington Park at the floral clock.


Greenhouse foreman Tom Speir and Kim Jachym have been doing the intricate planting around the clock and it is one letter closer to displaying the month of May.

I took it as asking the question "Why?"

You can have your own answers to your own "why" questions, but the question "why?" is the most-asked questioned in the Werling household. My 3-year-old son has another "why?" lined up before I can get the answer out from his previous "why?"

Our conversations can sometimes look like this... "Will, pick up your toys-Why?, Because I said so-Why? Because daddy almost broke his ankle on your truck-Why? because it was in the middle of the floor-Why? because you left it there-Why? because you have too many toys- Why? because you were the first grandchild for all of your grandparents and they spoil you-Why? Because they are getting back at your mother and I for all the trouble we put them through when we were growing up."

The "why's" come at us faster than we can answer, but I am hoping by the time our 2-year-old gets started on his "why-ing," we can just refer him to his brother who has been given All the answers.

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