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Get government out of gambling

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:26 PM

Teddy “the Governor” Strickland doesn’t like it when other folks try to muscle in on his gambling turf.

As the Register reported Tuesday, the government sent “the boys” around to deal with an alleged gambling operation in Norwalk.

Or, as the story says, “Collins residents Tom Buckingham Jr. and Alisa Williams pleaded not guilty Monday to four felony charges of conducting an illegal bingo game and four misdemeanor counts of operating an gambling house at the couple’s Old Gulf Inn in Norwalk.”

I guess gambling is supposed to be a government monopoly. Since he was elected in 2006, the governor has begun offering Keno in hundreds of Ohio locations. He promotes the lottery relentlessly, with TV ads that proclaim, “Odds are, you’ll have fun.”

Actually, governor, odds are that anyone who buys a lottery ticket will lose his or her money.

I have no problem with legalizing sin, regulating it, and taxing it. In fact, I favor it.

But am I the only person who is uncomfortable with state government being in the gambling business?

I think gambling should be provided by raffish buffoons in the private sector such as Donald Trump. The governor should be a governor, not a gambling lord.

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