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Fuqua can't be bothered

Matt Westerhold • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

City commissioner Brett Fuqua came out pretty strong against fired police Chief Kim Nuesse after she filed a lawsuit last week in federal court. He said he doesn’t he believe Nuesse because she didn’t make the claims of sexual harassment until March, after she was placed on administrative leave.

“If she would have done this immediately, I would have been the first one to say ‘let’s take action,’” Fuqua said.

Sure you would have, Brett. Sure.

Had he read the lawsuit, he would have known she contends she was trying to do just that before she was placed on administrative leave, and before the infamous Feb. 26, 2008, "ambush meeting" led by the ever-loving former city commissioner Brian "Shut Up Already" Crandall.

It's interesting that Fuqua can form an opinion so quickly without reading the material that was available. He didn't seem to mind it, at the beginning of this fiasco, when there were no written complaints against Nuesse that led to her suspension.

Get real Brett.

Try to be fair. Just try, big guy. Just try. You can never be a Good Old Boy. They won't let you in the club, but they will let you do their dirty work.

Same goes for city commissioner Julie Farrar.

The best reforms inside the Sandusky Police Department in a generation occurred between August 2006 and March 2008. That's what this is all about. Change is hard, and the "elite commanders" inside the SPD, and Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter, hoped they would be much more comfortable after they forced Nuesse out.

If they are ultimately successful in that effort then they win and RESIDENTS LOSE.

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