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Excuse me, but my dog has a couple questions about the city

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Our family dog is anything but a recluse.

When we adopted her more than seven years ago, she was a former stray at the Central Missouri Humane Society.

She has a wild streak in her and if she is left out in the backyard for more than a few minutes unmonitored, she will hop the fence and take quick tours of the city.

Trust me, I do get worried when I realize she has bolted. I hope she doesn't get hit by a car or run into a less-than-friendly dog. She is the friendliest dog so I know I don't have to worry about her being aggressive toward someone. She is up to date on her shots and has her dog tags.

During her tours of the city she has met -- eventually had my wife and I meet -- some very caring people that have taken the time to call the number on her tags so we can go pick her up.

There have been various places within a mile or two of our house where she has ended up, and one time she was out all night and wound up at the main Sandusky fire station.

Recently she took a quick tour of the city because one of our boys opened the door and let her out without telling mommy.

This time we got a call from city manager Matt Kline. He wasn't calling in an official managerial capacity.

He was a citizen letting another citizen know that he had been walking, and a friendly dog came up to him to say "hi."

My wife called to tell me that our dog had traveled to high places this time on her neighborhood trip.

So I started to think, what questions would my dog have that she would have to go to the city manager to have answered?

Here are a couple...from my dog's perspective, of course:

1. Could we get a dog park in the city limits of Sandusky? (The Erie MetroBark Park is great, you just have to drive to get there.)

2. Can we get more fire hydrants in the city? (They don't have to be operational, just "accessible.")

3. How can I get a date with the Sandusky Police K9 Justice?

4. How can we make sure Gallagher's stays open?

5. Is it legal for me to chase a Canada goose and what do I do if I actually catch one?

6. Can we ban all vacuum cleaners in the city limits? (I'm not a big fan of those.)

I'm sure there are plenty more questions and I encourage you to submit your own -- on behalf of your dog of course.

Thank you Mr. Kline for being the type of person that calls the number on the dog tag to return someone's dog to them and know that there are more of those type of people out there.

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