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Economic development -- the quickie version

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Erie County Economic Development Corp. has posted the new Strategic Action Plan to its Web site. You should read the whole thing, but you can get a quick version by looking at the report's list of strategies.


(AngelouEconomics says these steps should be taken first)

1. Educate public officials and other key decision makers on the importance and value of regional collaboration.

2. Sign an economic development compact to work cooperatively to implement one of the priority recommendations identified in the report.

3. Conduct an economic impact study to demonstrate the return on investment obtained by public jurisdictions through the operations of ECEDC.

4. Hire a full-time Director of Business Retention and Expansion.


5. Form Target Industry Teams for each chosen industry to develop a focused effort on cluster development in Erie County. (Remember, the target industries are advanced manufacturing, logistics & distribution, health services and business & professional services.)

6. Bolster efforts to support the expansion and retention of existing industries. Make these efforts the primary focus of economic development activity.

7. Facilitate development of a new airport to support the economic development potential of NASA Plum Brook.

8. Develop a strong support system for entrepreneurs and small business innovators in manufacturing.

9. Support efforts in Northwest and Northeast Ohio to develop Ohio into a hub for wind energy and wind turbine production.


10. Retool and support the Young Professionals group in Erie County to become a key driver in the region's efforts to retain and attract young people.

11. Support and enhance efforts to improve connections between the private sector and the local education and workforce development system.

12. Develop a new ECEDC Web site with robust capabilities including community profile, target industry profiles, available real estate and top-level design.

13. Focus recruitment efforts on direct contact with key company decision makers.

14. Develop a coalition to inventory the workforce assets of Northern Ohio.

Most of the report elaborates on these 14 goals.

Meanwhile, the ECEDC board will meet Tuesday morning to discuss adopting the report.

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