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Early poll: Obama leads in Ohio

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

My current employment as political reporter for the Register allows me the opportunity to read a genre of literature that may be unfamiliar to you: The political press release.

From now until November, I expect to read press releases from Ohio Democrats and Ohio Republicans that either boost their own candidate for president, attack the other guy or do both. Often they are snarkily amusing.

Today, I got a press release from the Dems, passing on without the usual editorial comment a press release from Quinnipiac University on a new poll that shows Obama leading McCain in Ohio 48 percent to 42 percent. One other interesting fact: Independent voters in Ohio want Obama to forget about putting Hillary on the ticket. (This fact would likely get the Obama camp's attention, as the election is widely viewed as a battle for independent voters.)

Republicans haven't exactly giving up. They recently pointed to this AP article stating that Obama's campaign believes it can win the election without carrying Ohio.

The spin from Ohio Republican Party chairman Bob Bennett: "On the same day that Barack Obama visited Columbus, his campaign manager was meeting with Washington insiders about how they will write off Ohio. With a strategy of telling voters one thing while your campaign does another, it's no wonder so many Ohioans remain skeptical of Barack Obama."

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