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Drew Carey has my autograph

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

I had the chance to meet Sandy Dalton yesterday as we had a story today about her upcoming appearance on the Price is Right this Friday. Sandy went to Hollywood in July for a taping of the show and was asked to "Come on down."

Yesterday at the Dalton home Sandy and her husband Jeff talked about how nice a guy Drew Carey is during the taping and during commercial breaks. And I told them that I had my own little Drew Carey story so I thought I would share.

My wife and I married in mid-May of 2004 in Sandusky, a risky time of year to get married as it could be as beautiful a day as can be or as cold and rainy a day as well.

We had the latter. It rained most of the day and for those to say it is good luck; people just say that to you to make you feel better as you are standing there getting wet in your tux or wedding dress as you get your wedding pictures taken.

As gifts to the members of our wedding party we bought tickets to Cedar Point and the whole wedding party went over there, in the rain, to ride some rollercoasters and have a good time.

Our wedding party was made up of people from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri. While we were in line for Milennium Force one of my wife's friends and bridesmaid Jacki said "Hey, that guy over there looks like Drew Carey." Out of all the people in our wedding party (some from the Cleveland area) Jacki from Missouri recognizes a guy wearing a hooded rain coat as Drew Carey. And its him. He blended into the crowd very well and no one else recognized him.

He was about one queue line ahead of us so we saw him once every pass for as long as the line was on a rainy day in May.

For some reason my wife and I had some of the programs from our wedding with us and instead of having him autograph one and make a big scene we decided to autograph it and give it to him.

We told him something like "We realize everyone usually asks you for your autograph so we thought we would give you ours," and we handed him a program.

photo by Jason Werling Drew Carey, or some random guy that has one of our wedding programs, in line for Milennium Force at Cedar Point in May of 2004.

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