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County repulses Sherman tank from courthouse

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:28 PM

Erie County officials love Ohio Bike Week, the annual motorcycle festival that grows bigger every year, bringing tourist dollars (and sales tax revenues) to Erie County. But they've balked at letting armored vehicles park on the courthouse lawn.

The county administrator, Mike Bixler, said the county has granted permission for most requests made by Ohio Bike Week, including using the county's downtown parking lot and the parking lot by the County Service Center.

But Bixler said he felt he had to refuse when the county was asked if it would allow a Sherman tank and other World War II vehicles to park on the courthouse lawn. He said he's worried heavy war vehicles would tear up the courthouse lawn.

"You'll notice our lawn really looks nice now," Bixler said.

Ohio Bike Week is June 6-15; look for the newspaper's special section in the May 28 issue.

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