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Could someone give me a real sample of a stool?

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

For my son's birthday we bought him a step stool with a “Cars” theme.

We have two boys and at the time, only one stool.

You can guess how well that went over.

It's like Noah's ark in the Werling house, you have to have two of everything or there will be a great flood of tears.

So we bought this stool for about $5 and now both our boys can get up a little taller to help make dinner.

I noticed recently after looking at the underside of the stool that our "Kiddie STOOL" should be used for seating only and is "Not to be used as a Step Stool." Huh?

The sticker on the front of the non-step stool says that it is "Great to Use as a Chair or a Stool."

Just don't step on it.

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