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Can I use your window?

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Sometimes my job as a photojournalist can take me to some crazy places. I've had my head out the top of the Tin Goose while taking photos, numerous rides at Cedar Point on Media Day and even the control booth inside the Sandusky Coal Docks.

Today wasn't as crazy, but it was a bit random.

The Sandusky Library has a blog page that I like to visit whenever I have some time and there is a plethora of interesting history from Sandusky and surrounding areas. The latest blog from Tuesday was a Mystery Photo. One of the guesses was the photo was taken from the Feick Building of Wayne Street and what is now Shoreline Park. Another guess was from the old Herb & Meyer building.

The library blog stuck with me when I was out this morning taking photos of the tug barge McKee Sons coming into the Sandusky Bay. I took photos from Shoreline Park and then decided to take some photos from a higher angle.

Enter the Feick Building.

I took the elevator to the seventh floor hoping to find someone with a nice window view of the bay. Luckily, Attorney Nancy Jennings was working at her desk. She said she keeps her back to the window as not to get distracted by the beautiful view while she is working. It is a great view.

So, long-story-long, I blended my photo (above) with the one from the library's blog and here you go.

And thank you Ms. Jennings for allowing me the use of your window.

Register photo illustration/JASON WERLING Image at left is from Thursday, October 23 and image at right is from the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center.

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