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Brought to you live

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:26 PM

The newsroom constantly works to develop new products, and on Friday we decided to cover a mock disaster in Perkins Township. During the past year we have experimented at sanduskyregister.com with live broadcasts of major events, the first of which was GOP presidential candidate John McCain’s visit to Sandusky. 

That live broadcast went pretty well and had a substantial viewership while it was happening. 

 The disaster training exercise in Perkins Township seemed like a perfect opportunity to review, fine-tune and further develop the news team’s ability to cover news events live from the scene for readers at the Web site. What we learned is there are still some kinks to work out. 

 It seems inevitable, however, that live broadcasts will play a role in the news we will present in the future. 

 A news team, by its very nature, knows how to cover breaking news. It’s what we do and any good journalist worth his or her salt knows that feeling when a big event breaks and you’re the one who gets to tell the community about it. It’s like breathing for us; it comes naturally.

 The Register has been doing just that for more than 185 years, but the Internet and advancing technologies add a whole new dimension to the ways we can present events. In the past, editors direct reporters and reporters gather information. Then they gather more information, and eventually they write a story for the next day’s paper. 

 Now it's real time, and it's coverage around the clock. 

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