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Breaking cat news from the animal shelter

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

The Erie County Humane Society reports that it has two all white 6-month-old cats available for adoption.

“We get several calls a year from people looking for white cats and we never have them,” said Amy Porter, director of the humane society. “These are very rare.”

The shelter is continuing to make cats 3 years old or older available free, without the usual adoption fees.

Porter also is reminding animal lovers that dogs and cats suffer from the current extreme cold, too.

Dogs should be let outside just long enough to take care of their business and then let back inside, and owners should take a moment to clean snow and ice from their paws. Tender ears, tails and paws can all suffer frostbite.

The neighborhood stray cat also could use a little help. Take a big cardboard box and set it outside so that the opening is away from the wind.

“Then put a towel or blanket in there for the stray kitty to snuggle up inside,” Porter said.

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