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Bixler not looking for the exit sign

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Erie County administrator Mike Bixler has heard the rumors, but the longtime official says he's not planning to retire in 2009.

Bixler has been the administrator since 1987. He plans to stay on, unless commissioners obtain a new majority that's eager for a change in direction.

"Very honestly, I'm waiting to see how the election goes in November," said Bixler, the father of professional baseball player Brian Bixler.

Commissioner Nancy McKeen is retiring and will be replaced either by Democrat Pat Shenigo or Republican Joe Hayberger. The chairman of the commissioners, Democrat Tom Ferrell, is being challenged by Republican Mike Printy. If the three-member commission had two new commissioners, Bixler said he'd have to see if they wanted to keep him.

"I'd like to still be here," he said.

Even if he did leave, Bixler, 54, said he's hardly ready for retirement and would go work somewhere else.

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