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A woman for vice president?

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

When I was in journalism school in college -- this was a few years ago -- about half of the people at the student newspaper were women. When I got out in the late 1970s, almost all of the editors I knew were men. These days, women editors are common.

Most librarians are women, yet when my wife began working in libraries, almost all of the directors were men -- a situation that must have seemed statistically absurd. Now, many libraries are run by women (such as the ones in Huron and Sandusky, for instance.)

And that's why I still think it's possible that Barack Obama and John McCain might choose a woman for a vice presidential running mate. I suspect many women believe it's time for a woman to be in a position of authority in the executive branch.

(Yes, I remember Walter Mondale had a woman as his running mate, a congresswoman named Geraldine Ferraro. That was historic, but Obama and McCain both actually have a chance to win.)

If Obama picks a white male as his running mate, I would think pressure would build on McCain to pick a woman.

Disclaimer: No women are being touted as front-runners in the veepstakes in the main national newspapers. Disclaimer II: I tried this theory Saturday on Amy Grubbe, chairwoman of the Erie County Democratic Party, and Jo Regal, chairwoman of the Ottawa County Democratic Party. Neither one seemed to buy into my reasoning.

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