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A house divided

Jason Werling • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

Sunday's are usually the divided days in the Werling family when it comes to sports. My wife is from the Pittsburgh area which means all of my in-laws are from the Pittsburgh area, which means my life as a Browns fan can be pretty rough at times. Did I just say "at times?" How about all the time. The Browns haven't beat the Steelers since my oldest son was born. Heck, they haven't beaten the Steelers in five years. If you add the ages of our boys it doesn't add up to five years.


But that's not what this blog is about. We have until December 28 to renew that beatdown. We have four days until what could quite possibly be another beatdown of one of my teams...the Michigan Wolverines. Let the commenting commence.

Yes, I am a Michigan fan.

Hello? Anyone still reading this?

Our household is not split in the college football realm. I root for the Wolverines, my wife roots for the Missouri Tigers. She is an alum, a lifetime member of the alumni association in fact. She loves her Tigers.

But she is not an Ohio State fan which makes Saturday and the days leading up to it much easier for me. Sure, I will get harassing phone calls and texts from friends because I am their only Michigan-supporting friend, but at least its not family.

So how about you folks out there? Any split Buckeye/Wolverine family's out there that wouldn't mind telling us your story? We did a similar story on the McCoys in Milan and the Miller's, pictured above, a couple years ago and we are looking for more this year. Please e-mail me at werling@sanduskyregister.com or call (419)609-5850.

And Let's Go Blue.

Register photo/JASON WERLING Renee Miller and two of her children Stephen and Sydney are Michigan fans and step-father Brian is a big Ohio State fan. Their youngest, Ava, is still undecided.

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