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A dog's life at the shelter

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

The quarterly statistics offered by Dog Warden Barbara Knapp at Thursday's Erie County commissioners meeting offer a snapshot of what Knapp and her staff do every day.

Since the last report was delivered Feb. 28, the shelter has handled 252 dogs.

Of that number, 81 were "redeemed" -- i.e., returned to owners after the shelter found out to whom they belonged.

Another 88 dogs were sold to members of the public. These are the dogs whose pictures you see every Thursday in our paper. When a stray dog is picked up, it must be held for three days before it can go up for "adoption," to give the owners a chance to reclaim the animal first.

Another 42 stray dogs were destroyed. That number includes 28 pit bulls, 10 dogs who were sick or injured and four remaining dogs.

Finally, another 41 dogs were euthanized at their owners' request. The shelter puts old or sick dogs to sleep as a service to local dog owners. The $20 charge is an alternative to taking the dog to the veterinarian, Knapp said.

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