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A columnist’s ‘Drive to Sandusky’

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

We may take our city for granted sometimes, but Sandusky’s downtown and older section of town has much to please visitors. Ron Simon, a columnist for the Mansfield News Journal, found much to like when he drove to Sandusky on Friday. His column is here.

A couple of points: Simon says he drove to Sandusky because “that’s where my car chose to go” but then says the idea was put in his head from an advertisement on the Weather Channel. The Sandusky/Erie County Visitor Convention Bureau placed that ad, using marketing revenues raised by bed tax money.

Tourist spending and the retail sector are providing a rare bright spot in the local economy. As I wrote last week, sales taxes in Erie County have gone up for five months in a row. Not bad in the midst of a recession. Maybe it’s a coincidence and maybe it isn’t, but the visitor bureau’s marketing budget approximately doubled this year.

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