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A casino for Erie County?

Tom Jackson • Mar 23, 2010 at 6:27 PM

The folks who tried to pass Issue 6, the state question that would have established a state-sanctioned gambling casino in Wilmington in Clinton County, already are mapping plans for another proposal.

The new plan would offer casinos in six different locations: Wilmington again, but also in Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati and Youngstown.

That’s three locations on the Lake Erie coast — but none in the obvious tourist location.

So I e-mailed Rick Lertzman, one of the businessmen involved in the venture, and asked, “Is there any chance this proposal will be tweaked to put a casino in a natural location — Erie County, where tourism and recreation already are a big part of the economy?”

Lertzman replied, “That is certainly a possibility. However, a local investor is needed.”

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