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Bellevue nips Huron

Dan Angelo • May 12, 2015 at 5:32 PM

Being competitive hasn't translated into success for the Bellevue boys this year, so any win is a good one.

Even the not-so-pretty ones.

It was pretty ugly Saturday night at Bellevue High School but the Redmen persevered, converting 11 of 16 free throws in the fourth quarter in a 54-46 victory over Huron.

"We've struggled to get W's this year, so any win is a quality win, especially coming off a tough loss like the one [Friday] night against Willard," Bellevue coach Mike Raifsnider said. "That was an emotional loss for the kids, but my kids bounced back tonight and played just as hard as they have been all year.

"The difference tonight is we hit foul shots down the stretch and that's what won the ball game for us."

The Redmen (3-8) were 18 of 24 from the line after the intermission, which helped them overcome 7 of 23 shooting from the floor after the first quarter. And that came after taking a 20-16 lead over the opening eight minutes to take a 20-16 lead.

"They got after us in the half-court but we had a hard time breaking down what they were doing defensively," Raifsnider said. "We did just enough to get the job done."

In the meantime, the Tigers jumped out to a 13-5 lead then stopped scoring. They scored just three points in the final 2:26 of the first quarter and were held scoreless in the second quarter.

"I've never seen that. Well maybe when I was coaching fourth grade I think we scored zero points once, but that's about it," Huron coach Bobby James said. "We just didn't take care of the basketball. We had turnovers on six of seven possessions in the second quarter, then came out in the third quarter, we had another six turnovers.

"You give a team double possessions, you're not going to win. And until we learn that, we're looking at a mediocre team."

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