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Fifteen minutes with Rodney Carrington

John Benson • May 12, 2015 at 6:28 PM

Want to go?

• WHAT: Rodney Carrington

• WHEN: 7 p.m. Oct. 6

• WHERE: Sandusky State Theatre, 107 Columbus Ave., Sandusky  

• COST: $49.75/ticket

• INFO: 419-626-1950 or sanduskystate.com

Comedian Rodney Carrington admits he’s fighting his past, but also finding success in the present.

The country-based funnyman, a “The Bob and Tom Show” veteran who had his own ABC-TV sitcom “Rodney” and co-wrote and co-starred with Toby Keith in the feature film “Beer for My Horses,” is known for his early jocular material. This includes comedy albums, ranging in title from “Morning Wood” to “Nut Sack,” decidedly slanted towards a youthful male audience.

Today, Carrington said his act has evolved. Fans can find out for themselves when the 42-year-old Tulsa native brings his “Laughter’s Good Tour” to the area for an Oct. 6 show at the Sandusky State Theatre. 


Funcoast: What’s new in the world of Rodney Carrington?

Rodney Carrington: I just filmed a special of all-new material and it’s my favorite yet. It should air later this year. Of course, it’s timely and new material. I’ll be talking about marriage, raising kids, religion. I don’t enjoy telling jokes to people that they’ve already heard and there’s an obligation to the audience who supported me all of these years to bring them something and keep entertaining them. My objective isn’t to go out and get a paycheck, it’s to go out, have fun and entertain people. It’s a mutual exchange. 


Funcoast: Your last comedy album was “King of the Mountains” in 2007. How long did it take you to write the new special?

RC: For me, it takes an average of three years to build a whole hour and a half to where it’s really, really strong. But as soon as it airs, I like to have 20 new minutes of material so I’m already in the process of something new. I’ve learned my lesson over the years in making comedy albums. You better have some newer stuff. Some people complain that you didn’t do this, didn’t do that, but I’m always a believer that once it’s on a record and it’s done, it’s time to move on. You continue to change and grow. But if I was to do the same material I did back when I was 25 years old, in essence I’m saying my mind has never changed and I’m always going to be the same, which is ludicrous. My kids are older, and I’ve been married for almost 18 years.


Funcoast: Looking over your early album titles, there seems to be a parallel between just being young and wanting to get noticed and, say, young punk musicians looking to shock the world. Do you agree?

RC: Yeah, totally. My objective is to make people laugh. The way I view comedy is different than I did back then. When you’re starting out and working 300 drunken sailors, they don’t have to hear a joke about a squirrel. It’s really about survival. You do whatever it takes. So that was a time and a place in my life, and now I have to look on the Internet and see the things I did when I was 22. I play golf with a preacher and I have to explain that to him. I go, “Here’s the deal, you don’t have to revisit your stuff, but if I look on the Internet I’ll find something I did a long time ago.” I don’t think the same way I did when I was 25 years old. The thing is as you get older you look back on things you’ve done and said, “What was I thinking?” But that’s all of us, isn’t it? I’m not making excuses. When I did what I did I believed at that particular time it was funny.

I think I am just maturing and going to another place and my comedy now reflects that.


Funcoast: Finally, who is more happy about your weiner-free jokes, your wife or your, well, um, yeah, body member?

RC: I think both (laughs). I think the thing is, a good weiner joke, it’s still funny. I don’t care who you are. Look, I’m making people laugh, not operating on their brains. I’m not changing the world. If you come to my show and you learn something, it’s purely by accident.


Rodney Carrington brings his “Laughter’s Good Tour” to Sandusky for a 7 p.m. Oct. 6 show at the Sandusky State Theatre, 107 Columbus Ave., Sandusky. Tickets are $49.75. For more information, call 419-626-1950 or visit sanduskystate.com.

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