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A show of creativity at VCTO exhibit

John Benson • May 12, 2015 at 6:28 PM

Want to go?

• WHAT: VCTO Art Exhibit

• WHEN: 4-8 p.m. April 8

• WHERE: Cedar Point Center, BGSU Firelands, One University Dr., Huron

• COST: Free

• INFO: 419-372-0711

What do college students and technology have in common? Neither ever sleeps, which is not only a perfect combination but a celebrated one at the fourth annual VCTO (Visual Communications Technology Organization) Gallery of Photography, Print, Video and Web. The multimedia event takes place April 8 at the BGSU Firelands Cedar Point Center and features over 200 exhibits by more than 30 students.

“It’s a display of the work from the students in the visual communication technology and visual media technology program,” said BGSU Firelands Visual Communication Technology (VCT) Department Program Director Barry Lee. “It includes photography, graphic design for print, some video. It’s a multimedia type of display and primarily photography, but we do have other forms of media that will be on display. In some cases, even pieces of art from outside of the curriculum.

“So that’s the intent, to just give the opportunity for students to showcase their work. It’s also a good experience to help them to understand how they want to display their work and how they want to show it in a gallery, because many of them have never done that in the past.”

Originally started as a vehicle for VCT students to showcase their talents to the public, the one-day affair has also become a fundraiser. The event’s silent auction of select works from VCTO students finds all proceeds benefiting the student-run organization. Lee said while not the intent of the exhibit, the students are often approached by members of the community for photography jobs or to see more of their prints for possible sale. However, he stresses this gallery affair is designed strictly to show off the students’ work — and apparently what impressive work it is.

“Have I been blown away?” Lee said. “I get a chance to see them every day so I know what they’re capable of, but the public is always pleasantly surprised by the quality of talent we have here. And there are times I’m really impressed. In the past, we had a piece by a student that she took while she was on vacation in Italy. It was just a photograph of a very colorful old wall in Italy with a spigot coming out of it with water pouring into an urn. I was very impressed with that piece. Another student had what I would call a windowpane display, where he exhibited six different pieces in a window frame. It was a very dramatic setting, very attractive.”

Granted, this area might not be known as a visual technology or multimedia hub, but Lee suggests audiences taking in the student art exhibit may think otherwise.

“I hope that they’ll get an appreciation for the hard work our students do here and also the level of talent that we have here at Firelands,” Lee said. “We always get a good response. The people who come here do marvel at the work.”

The Fourth Annual VCTO Student Art Exhibit takes place from 4 to 8 p.m. April 8 at the BGSU Firelands Cedar Point Center, 1 University Dr., Huron. For more information, call


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