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Join the RCA party

Laura Barrett • May 12, 2015 at 6:28 PM

So the party’s over. All that’s left are those beads you were wearing when you woke up — you DO remember how you scored all those, right? — and a rip-roaring hangover.

Ah yes, Carnival’s concluded for another year, Fat Tuesday is a fuzzy memory and once the fog clears, you’ll peer at the calendar and groan. Ugh. It’s still winter with nothing to look forward to until St. Patrick’s Day.

Double-ugh. That’s on a Tuesday too. You can’t possibly face another Wednesday workday looking — and smelling — like something the cat dragged in.

Yep, you might as well just crawl under the covers and stay there. Nothing to look forward to around here...

Are you kidding?! Get up, you! Drink your Gatorade and your coffee and do whatever else you need to do to feel like a human being again (and brush your teeth, would you?). There, that’s better. Now take another look at the calendar.

The Funcoast.com Readers’ Choice Awards party is tomorrow and surely you’ll have perked up by then. C’mon, come out and hang with the Funcoast crew! Not to be confused with a Mardi Gras krewe, we won’t be slinging any doubloons or beads, but we do have plenty of prizes to give away. Yum Yum Chicken from Andy’s China Dragon for example, or that iPod — those are things you’d probably not want flying at your head.

There’ll be all kinds of vendors set up too, and you can get Spotted congratulating your favorite bartender or barista or DJ. We do have a self-proclaimed “Sexy Beast” on the DJ ballot, don’t forget.

Last year the weather kept some of you home, I know — that was one nasty night. This year promises to be different though. Mother Nature and I had this talk, see...

Well ok, not really, but this year will be different in that the festivities have moved to Lyman Harbor — 5-7 p.m. — and there are lots of new nominees on the ballot.

Oh sure, the “veterans” are back: Cameo’s a contender for best pizza after winning two years in a row, ditto Casa Fiesta, which has taken home back-to-back awards in both Best Tacos and Best Margaritas.

Old Dutch is up for Best Burgers again and Cabana Jack’s is looking to continue their reign as Karaoke king, but in the Best Bartender category we have three brand spankin’ new nominees!

Also new to the 2009 ballot are the 800 Club, Zinc Brasserie, Qdoba, Erie Ink and Cobb’s, so there’ll be lots of fresh new faces in the mix this year. The competition has been fierce, especially for the Best Coffee, Happy Hour and Barbershop awards but the party’s just a fun place to get together and cheer for the folks who make your life tastier, more relaxing, more colorful (Best Tattoo Shop, remember?) and more fun. 

So — quick recap: No sequined masks, no jester hats, no inevitable hangover. Unless you play Grey's Anatomy drinking games later. 

Just a good time with a bunch of good people — the ones who remember you like your margaritas served sans salt or make your half-caf, non-fat, sugar-free, double-shot, extra-foam latte to perfection or work you in for that emergency beauty fix when your own McDreamy (or Sexy Beast!) calls.

Whatever their specialty, they do it better than anyone else — you said so yourself! C’mon, come out and share the love with them tomorrow at Lyman.

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