Decision 2014 LIVE — Sandusky's Issue 8

1:10 PM Jul 6, 2010

Well, this past week I've really be thinking about how far I've come this year and the time I have left to go.  

11:45 AM Jul 6, 2010
SANDUSKY As unemployment benefits run out and folks get hungry, Victory Kitchen is running critically low on supplies.
11:37 AM Jul 6, 2010
PORT CLINTON Motor problems aboard a Jet Express boat gave riders a scare Monday night as black smoke billowed from its sides.
10:23 AM Jul 6, 2010

Never underestimate people!!  I just had the coolest thing happen to me last week.  Two college students (Stephanie & Destiny) who work at Cedar Point midnight til 8 a.m. (one is studying Marketing) called and applied to volunteer at Serving Our Seniors.

10:21 AM Jul 6, 2010
BAY VIEW A Port Clinton man died Sunday night after his motorcycle collided with three other vehicles at the Thomas Edison Bridge on Ohio 2 in Ottawa County. Dale Fultz, 53, was pronounced dead at the scene at 9:59 p.m. Fultz wasn't wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.
9:07 AM Jul 6, 2010
WYALUSING, Pa. The 91-year-old widow lived by herself in a tumbledown house on a desolate country road. But she wasn't alone, not really, not as long as she could visit her husband and twin sister.
8:07 AM Jul 6, 2010
HURON A pair of female alpacas are the newest addition to the farm life at Erie MetroParks' Barnyard on East Perkins Avenue. Read the full story in Tuesday's Register
7:07 AM Jul 6, 2010
SANDUSKY Sandusky used car dealership Newman Motors wants a better deal. The business at 1033 Cleveland Road, across from Sandusky Plaza, lost a judgment in Sandusky in a dispute with a former customer and then lost an appeal, but it's still fighting. It has filed an appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court, hoping to persuade the justices to hear its case.
6:07 AM Jul 6, 2010
TEXAS CITY, Texas Tar balls from the Gulf oil spill found on a Texas beach were the first evidence that gushing crude from the Deepwater Horizon well has reached all the Gulf states.
5:37 AM Jul 6, 2010

The fact that both of the families are being dragged through this again is sad, but I suppose if I felt that a relative of mine was being unjustly portrayed as a murderer who then committed suicide, the emotional toll would be worth enduring again...

1:48 AM Jul 6, 2010
SANDUSKY Four fire departments were called to a fire at the Harbour Condominiums on Monday afternon. Check back for more updates at and Tuesday's Sandusky Register
1:19 AM Jul 6, 2010
SANDUSKY Want to go? WHAT: Serving Our Seniors will host a bi-partisan forum to extend FirstEnergy's All-Electric Discount WHEN: 4 p.m. July 23, WHERE: To be determined.
1:12 AM Jul 6, 2010
PERKINS TWP. Erie County wants people to help construct the area's newest and greenest home. In order to build a house made completely from recyclable materials, Erie County's Solid Waste District needs 4,000 2-liter bottles donated to one of three recycling sites.
1:03 AM Jul 6, 2010
ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF SUNDAY, JULY 4 12:45 a.m. -- 700 block Thicket Road, Castalia, disorderly conduct. 3:16 a.m. -- 7400 block Magill Road, Castalia, shots from a shotgun heard from residence. 10:15 a.m. -- 3500 block Ohio 60, Vermilion, domestic violence. 3:56 p.m. -- 100 block E. Miami Trail, Bay View, unruly juvenile.
1:00 AM Jul 6, 2010

Wonder what they're reaction would be to these photos:

Before these photos, I never knew anyone who gave a bow while they shook hands.

What is a bow supposed to mean?

5:44 PM Jul 5, 2010
NORWALK Two divers and a wrecking company pulled a car from the Norwalk Reservoir this morning after a Mansfield man drove it into the water Wednesday night in an apparent suicide attempt.
1:07 PM Jul 5, 2010
NEW ORLEANS The latest hopes are riding on a massive new skimmer to clean oil from near the spewing well in the Gulf of Mexico, while a local Louisiana parish's plan to block the slick has been rejected by federal officials. A 48-hour test of the Taiwanese vessel dubbed ''A Whale'' began Saturday and was to continue through Sunday.
11:07 AM Jul 5, 2010
SANDUSKY Dashara Pickens wants to be self-sufficient. At 16, she wants to work for a steady paycheck to cover personal expenses and contribute toward family purchases. "I can help get food for my house so my mom doesn't have to buy all the time," she said.
9:07 AM Jul 5, 2010
HURON TWP. The new stars at Kalahari Resort's private zoo are fun to look at, but petting them is probably a bad idea. Especially if they've turned their backs to you. A few weeks ago, African porcupines arrived at the Safari Adventures Animal Park. Billed as Africa's largest rodent, the animals are much bigger than North American porcupines.
7:07 AM Jul 5, 2010
NEW YORK A Japanese eating champion who sat out this year's Coney Island Fourth of July hot dog contest apparently couldn't resist the temptation to hotdog afterward -- and got arrested. Six-time champion Takeru Kobayashi was sitting in a jail cell Sunday after the annual Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest.