1:42 AM Aug 7, 2010
The city and Kim Nuesse will likely know their fates by month's end. Retired Judge James Sherck is still on schedule to deliver his decision by late August, he said. Sherck will decide if he'll uphold the Sandusky Civil Service Commission's 2-1 decision last October to reinstate Nuesse as the city's police chief.
1:41 AM Aug 7, 2010
One year ago today, she drew her last raspy breath. Snuggled in her parent's bed, surrounded by older sisters Abby and Amanda, brother Ethan, and parents Warren and Wendy, she chose a quiet moment just before dawn to slip away. It was the end of her battle with brain cancer, a battle that consumed nearly a third of her young life.
1:55 PM Aug 6, 2010
WASHINGTON D.C. Warren and Wendy Brown just finished meeting with Sen. Sherrod Brown, who said he will continue to press the senate appropriations committee to provide funding for research.
1:52 PM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Ohio Department of Health came to Clyde with a strong message Tuesday night. "I have told my staff this is now my number one issue," said EPA director Chris Korleski.
1:51 PM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE They just want answers. All they get are more questions. Ever since a cluster of childhood cancer cases in the Clyde-Green Springs area was brought to the attention of local and state health officials, parents have demanded answers.
1:50 PM Aug 6, 2010
Alexa Brown, 11-year-old Clyde girl who teetered at the edge of life little less than two weeks ago, sat in bed with her sister on Wednesday munching Lucky Charms cereal one piece at a time.
1:49 PM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE Alexa Brown, the 11-year-old Clyde girl who teetered on the edge of life for months, succumbed to cancer at 4 a.m. today. She was at home surrounded by her loving family.
1:47 PM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE Fragile, beautiful, and tragically short-lived, Alexa Brown in many ways resembled a butterfly. Maybe that's why the 11-year-old Clyde girl always loved the delicate creatures.
1:43 PM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown was too late to meet 11-year-old Alexa Brown. But there is still time to do some good, her family told the Ohio Democrat.
1:12 PM Aug 6, 2010
An Ohio U.S. senator known for bucking the Republican party line is recommending an increase in the federal fuel tax as a way to help balance the federal budget and put Americans back to work.
11:19 AM Aug 6, 2010
Thousands in Ohio still have no electricity from fierce storms earlier this week, and a power company says full restoration could take a few more days.
11:07 AM Aug 6, 2010
A 3-foot-long Asian carp discovered in a Chicago waterway near Lake Michigan appears to have spent most of its life there and may have been planted by humans who didn't know what type of fish it was or the environmental risk it posed, researchers said Thursday.
10:07 AM Aug 6, 2010
The annual Berlin Heights Basket Festival kicks off this weekend for its 25th year. For the full story see Friday's Register. Schedule of Events Saturday • 9 a.m. - Bake sale (Congregational Church)
9:59 AM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE Ohio Environmental Protection Agency officials posted the results of a year-long analysis of Clyde air quality on its website this afternoon.
9:57 AM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE If you or a close family member were diagnosed with cancer and you live in eastern Sandusky County, health officials are asking for your help.
9:54 AM Aug 6, 2010
The tight-knit residents of Clyde and surrounding communities don't know why their most precious and vulnerable residents suffer. Since 1996, they've watched helplessly as 28 children in eastern Sandusky County sickened and three died.
9:07 AM Aug 6, 2010
Frustrated over multiple miscues and lengthy delays for wireless 911, Erie County commissioners might hang up on the project's two heads. Emergency Management director Bill Walker and 911 coordinator Bob Hall could lose their jobs if wireless 911 doesn't make progress by a tentative Aug. 31 deadline.
8:40 AM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE The Clyde-Green Springs cancer cluster investigation just got bigger. A study released Friday by state and local health officials indicates that the childhood cancer cluster extends as far as portions of Ottawa and Erie Counties.
8:39 AM Aug 6, 2010
CLYDE Rep. Bob Latta has pitched $10 million in federal dollars for pediatric cancer research in support of the Clyde area childhood cancer cluster. Now it's up to the Senate to finish the play.
12:45 AM Aug 6, 2010
A sad thumbs DOWN to the closing of Sandusky Alliance Church, a goodbye to good neighbors on the corner of Warren and Finch streets. But thumbs UP for the good work that will go on: The congregation and its Angel Food Ministries will merge with Norwalk Alliance Church, though, and the building in which they've worshipped since 1963 will become a community outreach center.
12:21 AM Aug 6, 2010
SANDUSKY After a brief foot chase, Sandusky police on Wednesday arrested a Perkins Township man accused of prostituting a teenage girl in exchange for drugs. Trent Sattler, 42, was arrested on two warrants for compelling prostitution and corruption of a minor, Sandusky police Det. Ken Nixon said.