6:01 PM Sep 1, 2014
Leaders say they are willing to respect Ukraine's sovereignty in return for amnest and broad local powers
4:43 PM Sep 1, 2014
Police: Drunken driver almost hit pedestrians with car; other man struck woman with beer bottle
4:06 PM Sep 1, 2014
Police: Man arrested for threatening to kill girlfriend when she wouldn't help him buy heroin.
3:32 PM Sep 1, 2014
Sandusky man found hiding in brother's home
3:32 PM Sep 1, 2014
Driver suffered cut on the head
3:19 PM Sep 1, 2014

Port Clinton is a maritime community built on the Great Lake Erie some 200 years ago. It is Lake Erie that brought the settlers here, and it is the great lake that keeps most of us here. Most of us were born and raised here and will always live here.

2:22 PM Sep 1, 2014
Group to mark occasion with potluck picnic Sept. 10
2:21 PM Sep 1, 2014

This is my first time writing a letter to the editor.

2:18 PM Sep 1, 2014
Authorities have identified a man who died after a boat carrying nine people sank in a western Ohio lake
1:42 PM Sep 1, 2014
Great recipe for Labor Day bbq
1:00 PM Sep 1, 2014
Two directors given same script, $850K to make movie
12:01 PM Sep 1, 2014
Recapping the answers from the past week?
12:01 PM Sep 1, 2014
Holiday Inn to be bult on Sortino property that houses RAIN Waterpark and Quality Inn
12:01 PM Sep 1, 2014
Police say man ignored attempts to get him to pull over
12:01 PM Sep 1, 2014
Accused of issuing certificates to people without proper training
11:13 AM Sep 1, 2014

"Disagreement is part of being a person who has choices. One of  those choices is to respect others and engage in intelligent conversation about differences of opinion without becoming enemies, eventually allowing us to move forward to compromise." - Ben Carson

9:42 AM Sep 1, 2014
Sympathy sees and says, “I’m sorry” Compassion sees and says, “I’ll help” — Unknown

•If you would like to brighten the lives of children - volunteers are needed to read to children on Sept. 10.

9:00 AM Sep 1, 2014
Data centers lured to Northeast Ohio by cheap power, abundance of fiber-optic cable
8:34 AM Sep 1, 2014

I was disappointed to read Dan McGookey’s recent column in the Sandusky Register on the subject of reverse mortgages. (“Avoid reverse mortgages: Alice’s story” Register, Aug. 21, 2014).

8:15 AM Sep 1, 2014
10th Annual event held in Port Clinton