LIVE COVERAGE: Island police chief meets with critics

6:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
Senate report concludes that CIA's techniques on al-Qaida detainees captured after the 2001 attacks were far more brutal than previously understood
3:30 PM Jul 31, 2014
Drug used to revive possible opioid overdose victims
3:10 PM Jul 31, 2014
Tonight's meeting at Put-in-Bay will be broadcast live at our website
2:57 PM Jul 31, 2014
Man suffered fractured facial bone
2:45 PM Jul 31, 2014
Now you don't have to choose between fishing and showing up for class
2:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
Event features Ty Roth, Randy Koch and artist Susan Schultz
1:30 PM Jul 31, 2014
Cedar Point, other industry helped Sandusky weather economic downslide
1:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
Proposals would require licensing and background checks
12:45 PM Jul 31, 2014
Inpatient center would meet need for drug treatment, Schade says
12:22 PM Jul 31, 2014
Always add a pinch of salt, too
12:19 PM Jul 31, 2014
12:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
My husband and I own a business, and at the beginning of the month, we were told that we needed to remove our recently erected sign because it encroached on a public walkway. There are many businesses downtown, down Monroe Street and Perkins Avenue that have signs extending over public walkways, like sidewalkls. Why can't the city of Sandusky work with us? With so many empty and dilapidated buildings in town, it seems like the city could pick better battles. Laura in Sandusky
12:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
Annual event contributes to the Haldon Dodway Veterans Scholarship Fund
12:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
A little insight in to where fish are biting, and how to reel them in
12:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
Jerry Lippus Memorial Classic Car show this weekend
12:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
This year's event scheduled for Aug. 15-17 at new Liberty Aviation hangar
12:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
Negotiations ongoing in great LeBron James - Cedar Point coaster naming saga
12:00 PM Jul 31, 2014
Upgrade in status would provide big boost in funding
11:15 AM Jul 31, 2014
Riders Unlimited needs funds for Oak Harbor facility
10:55 AM Jul 31, 2014

Americans like to imagine that government workers have it easy.

I suppose some of them do, but I don't think that applies to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown's press staff. I'm beginning to wonder how they do so much work.

10:29 AM Jul 31, 2014
Global Big Latch On event organized for Erie County